Publication Archive: PFOA Water Contamination

Greene County (NY) Joins PFAS Litigation

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Source: The Register Star
Greene County lawmakers approved a retainer agreement with Long Island-based Napoli Shkolnik in a lawsuit against manufacturers of chemicals used in at the county’s firefighting training center in Cario, which are present in the municipal drinking water.Read the article

PFAS Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Tampa Bay Water

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Source: Tampa Bay Times
Tampa Bay Water, the regional supplier of drinking water for more than 2.5 million people, is suing chemical companies including DuPont and 3M over environmental contamination from flame retardants. “Motivated by billions of dollars in profits, the DuPont Defendants and 3M have intentionally withheld, suppressed, minimalized, diminished, marginalized, misrepresented, and obfuscated factual information in their…Read the article

2nd Circuit Says Hoosick Falls PI Claims Are Fair Game

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Source: Law360
The ruling affirms Judge Kahn’s 2017 decision to allow claims by residents of the Village of Hoosick Falls, New York, for damages related to medical monitoring to advance, as well as their personal injury, property damage, trespass and nuisance claims. The residents say they ingested PFOA-laced water as a result of contamination from one or…Read the article

NYLJ: Hoosick Falls Water Contamination Case Moves Forward

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Source: New York Law Journal
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit on Monday allowed residents of Hoosick Falls to proceed with a lawsuit alleging that Honeywell International Inc. and Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corp. contaminated their water supply with toxic chemicals from a factory in the upstate New York town.Read the article

Waterloo Retains NS for Seneca Lake Contamination Lawsuit

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Source: Finger Lakes Times
The Village Board will join a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer of aqueous film-forming foam. Also known as AFFF, the foam has been identified as a contaminant in Seneca Lake, the source of the village’s public water supply. The board voted to retain New York City-based Napoli Shkolnik, one of the nation’s largest environmental law…Read the article

Paul Napoli Quoted in New Haven, CT Publication on PFAS Suit

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Source: CT News Junkie
Created by corporations such as 3M and DuPont, PFAS have been used in everything from food packaging to carpets to clothing to make things durable and non-stick. Teflon is an inert Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), a subset of PFAS. But now that the harmful effects of the chemicals are known, the question is how much is…Read the article

Cairo, NY Considers Joining PFAS Lawsuit

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Source: Hudson Valley 360
Paul Napoli, an attorney with Napoli Shkolnik, a law firm based in Long Island and endorsed by the state Association of Counties, presented to the town board Monday. “You shouldn’t be the ones responsible to pay for it,” Napoli said. “It should be the companies that created [the contaminants.]” Two of the primary producers of…Read the article

AFFF Exposure Can Lead to Many Forms of Cancer

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Source: Seeking Alpha
There is uncertainty across the country as to how communities can afford to test and treat PFAS contamination in the absence of certain State or Federal standards. This lawsuit could provide a mechanism for addressing and resolving those concerns so costs to investigate and remediate are not borne by the American taxpayers.Read the article

Newson6: Five-Count PFAS Complaint Filed in DC

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Source: News On 6
Filed today in D.C., the five-count complaint alleges that the defendant companies manufactured, marketed and sold their AFFF products for decades despite knowing the significant threat they posed to the environment and human health. “This is about small-town America and how these poisonous chemicals are destroying them,” said Hank J. Naughton, Of Counsel to Napoli…Read the article

MarketWatch: PFAS Lawsuit Filed – Companies Betrayed People

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Source: MarketWatch
“The corporations we’re suing today knew full well the health and environmental risks associated with PFAS. It should not be up to NRWA members across the country to pay the extensive costs to test, treat, and remediate these contaminants,” said Paul J. Napoli. “These companies betrayed the people. They knew the harm their products could…Read the article