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Bloomberg Quotes Paul Napoli on PFAS Contamination

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Source: Bloomberg
Originally many of the cases targeted 3M and DuPont, but increasingly companies like Lockheed Martin Corp., Tyco Fire Products LP, and Wolverine that allegedly purchased, used, and released PFAS, are being sued. When medical testing is granted, the results of subsequent tests can support later individual injury claims if disease manifests, said Paul Napoli, of…Read the article

WKBT-TV News Quotes Paul Napoli on La Crosse, WI PFAS Suit

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Source: WKBT-TV
The city of La Crosse has filed a lawsuit against nearly two dozen chemicals companies aimed at getting those companies to take responsibility for groundwater well contamination on French Island. Napoli Shkolnik and local Co-Counsel filed the lawsuit on behalf of the city against eight manufacturers of firefighting foams containing PFAs and PFOS and 15…Read the article

La Crosse, WI Files PFAS Lawsuit Against 23 Companies

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Source: Wisconsin Public Radio
The City of La Crosse, WI claims products containing PFAS chemicals caused contamination of public and private wells in a lawsuit filed against nearly two dozen chemical companies. The city is part of an ongoing investigation into PFAS contamination at the La Crosse Regional Airport on French Island. The investigation began after the Wisconsin Department…Read the article

Forever Chemicals Lawsuit Filed in Wisconsin

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Source: ehextra.com
Along with Co-Counsel, Napoli Shkolnik filed a lawsuit on behalf of the City of La Crosse against nearly two dozen chemical companies whose products the city alleges caused groundwater well contamination in La Crosse, Wisconsin. DownloadRead the article

PFAS Lawsuit Filed in Wisconsin Circuit Court

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The City of La Crosse was required to used firefighting foam containing PFAS chemicals at the city-owned La Crosse Regional Airport. Those chemicals have since spread to over 100 private wells nearby. Along with Co-Counsel, Napoli Shkolnik looks to litigation the case on the federal level, and if nothing is resolved, they will come back…Read the article

Lacrosse, WI City Councils Vote To Take Action on PFAS

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Source: ABC 19 WXOW
A pair of legal efforts are now in the early stages both with the goal of compensating French Island residents impacted by groundwater contamination. The La Crosse Common Council voted unanimously Thursday night to retain a pair of law firms to move forward with a proposed lawsuit against PFAS chemical manufacturers. The approval given utilizes the…Read the article

Lacrosse, WI Hires Napoli Shkolnik in PFAS Litigation

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Source: Lacrosse Tribune
The La Crosse Common Council unanimously approved hiring Crueger Dickinson, LLC and Napoli Shkolnik PLLC to represent the city  to represent the city in litigation against chemical companies involved in the PFAS contamination. DownloadRead the article

KCBD Covers PFAS Contamination: Reese Airforce Base

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Source: KCBD-NBC
New York based Napoli Shkolnik PLLC is adding Lubbock residents to its fight with manufacturers of a firefighting foam used on former Air Force bases, alleging the substances have harmed the health and well-being of residents who consumed contaminated groundwater. “Decades of use, storage, and disposal of [the foam] at the former Reese Air Force…Read the article

Law.com Editor’s Pick Selects $17.5M AFFF Settlement

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Source: Law.com Critical Mass
Law.com’s global newsroom covers litigation at every level, from bet-the-company cases involving multinational litigants to local personal injury lawsuits with statewide implications. Here you’ll find the best of our litigation trend analysis and in-depth commentary from practitioners and judges, along with our coverage of key players, breaking news, game-changing rulings, major recoveries and international cases.…Read the article

Paul Napoli Quoted on $17.5M AFFF Settlement

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Source: Spectrum News1
A group representing residents in the Town of Peshtigo have reached a $17.5 million settlement with Tyco, a company that produces firefighting foam in Wisconsin near Marinette, over contamination of a manmade set of chemicals called per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances — or PFAS.. DownloadRead the article