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City of Keene: Opioid Crisis Costs Hundreds of Thousands

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Source: Keene Sentinel
Keene is not, in fact, claiming that the opioid crisis has cost the city millions of dollars per year. The correct estimate is in the hundreds of thousands, City Attorney Thomas P. Mullins said Wednesday. Mullins arrived at the rough cost estimate after talking to other city officials, including in the fire and police departments,…Read the article

Opioid Research Institute Quotes Paul and Marie Napoli

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Source: Opioid Research Institute
Almost all the suits in the MDL seek reimbursement for increased opioid-related costs imposed by the epidemic, including, for instance, first-responder and Narcan costs, emergency room care, neonatal care, foster care, expanded morgue space, and body bags. “It’s truly cradle-to-grave expenses,” plaintiffs lawyer Marie Napoli said. Polster’s other key act last week was ordering the…Read the article

City of Keene Suing Big Pharma Over Opioid Epidemic

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Source: Keene Sentinel
The city of Keene has sued about a dozen pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors over their alleged role in causing the opioid-abuse epidemic, joining hundreds of states, counties and cities that have filed similar lawsuits. The lawsuit claims the drug makers and distributors used deceptive marketing practices to push the use of prescription opioids for chronic…Read the article

Palm Beach County: Opioid Epidemic A Public Nuisance

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Source: Palm Beach Post
“The purpose of the ordinance is to declare the opioid epidemic a public nuisance and to provide a mechanism for Palm Beach County to recover taxpayer’s costs incurred as a result of this epidemic,” Palm Beach County Attorney Denise Nieman told The Post. The suit alleges that the costs of the epidemic have been steep…Read the article

Palm Beach County Suing Drugmakers Over Opioids

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Source: Daily Business Review
New York’s Napoli Shkolnik and Stull, Stull & Brody and the Ferraro Law Firm in Miami filed suit along with the county attorney’s office. The county is seeking to recover damages for use of public resources to fight the opioid crisis. The lawsuit focuses on the growing problem of people becoming addicted to prescription painkillers,…Read the article

Portland, ME Files Lawsuit Against Opioid Manufacturers

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Source: CBS13 WGME
The City of Portland said it filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers and distributors of opioids in response to the growing opioid epidemic in the city. The defendants include Purdue Pharmaceuticals and its affiliates, Cephalon, Johnson & Johnson, Janssen Pharmaceuticals and its affiliates, Endo Pharmaceuticals and its affiliates, Actavis and its affiliates, Watson Laboratories, Mallinckrodt,…Read the article

Portland, Maine Part of Opioid Lawsuit Against Big Pharma

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Source: Seattle Times
Portland officials filed their lawsuit Thursday afternoon in Cumberland County Superior Court. The city’s seeking damages from drug makers and some doctors involved in distribution of the drugs. The city of Portland (Maine) says in a statement its lawsuit’s in response to “the substantial impact, including the loss of lives, that the opioid epidemic has…Read the article

Palm Beach County Joined Opioid Litigation

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Source: Sun Sentinel
Palm Beach County has joined a growing list of local governments accusing drug makers, distributors and pharmacies of putting profits ahead of the public’s health and fueling an opioid epidemic that has cost taxpayers millions of dollars. About 600 people died of opioid overdoses in Palm Beach County this past year, making it one of…Read the article

Portland, ME Suing Pharma Companies Over Opioids

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Source: Bellingham Herald
Maine’s largest city is suing a host of pharmaceutical companies over the toll of the nationwide opioid abuse epidemic locally. Portland officials filed their lawsuit Thursday afternoon in Cumberland County Superior Court. The city’s seeking damages from drug makers and some doctors involved in distribution of the drugs. The city is being represented by an…Read the article

Otsego County Hires Napoli Shkolnik For Opioid Litigation

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Source: Daily Star
The Otsego County Board of Representatives voted to unanimously to hire the law firm of Napoli Shkolnik to handle a potential lawsuit against the manufactures and distributors of prescription opioids. Napoli Shkolnik is a New York City firm that specializes in opioids cases.Read the article