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Manatee County Considering Opioid Lawsuit

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Source: Bradenton Herald
Manatee County is considering hiring outside law firm Napoli Shkolnik to potentially sue opioid manufacturers and distributors, County Attorney Mickey Palmer said Tuesday.Read the article

Auburn City Council: Joining Opioid Lawsuit

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Source: Lewiston Sun Journal
The City Council voted to join a national lawsuit, forwarded by Napoli Shkolnik, against manufacturers and distributors of opioid painkillers.Read the article

Toledo City Files Opioid Lawsuit

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Source: ABC13 Action News
Napoli Shkolnik PLLC is working with local counsel, Scott Kalish, on Toledo’s opioid litigation. Mr. Kalish spoke with ABC-13 regarding the lawsuit, saying, “We want to recoup the millions of dollars that have been lost because of this epidemic and crisis and the addiction of these illegally prescribed opioids.”Read the article

Tompkins County Considering Napoli Shkolnik for Opioid Suit

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Source: Ithaca News
Tompkins County may join a statewide coalition of counties attempting to sue the pharmaceutical industry for a practice, of?cials say, of deceptive marketing that had a role in compounding the rise of the opioid crisis.Read the article

Another City Hires Napoli Shkolnik for Opioid Litigation

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Source: The Daily Caller
One of the largest cities in Ohio (Toledo) is suing drug manufacturers for their role in igniting the opioid epidemic currently wreaking havoc in the state. Napoli Shkolnik PLLC is one of the firms handling the case for officials but will not be compensated by Toledo unless they win the case.Read the article

Toledo City Council Hires Napoli Shkolnik for Opioid Lawsuit

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Source: Toledo Blade
Toledo, OH has announced it is suing opioid manufacturers. “It is designed to hold them responsible,” the mayor said. “The goal is to recover our costs and to change the ways in which they prescribe and advertise these drugs.”Read the article

Crain’s Cleveland Business Cuyahoga County Lawsuit

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Source: Crain's Cleveland Business
Cuyahoga County has filed a lawsuit in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court against seven firms that it believes were instrumental in promoting opioids for sale and distribution nationally and in Cuyahoga County.Read the article

The Anniston Star Quotes NS Attorney Joseph Ciaccio

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Source: Anniston Star
“It goes beyond health costs,” Napoli Shkolnik Lawyer Joseph L. Ciaccio explained. “The are social costs, law enforcement costs, coroner’s costs and foster care.”Read the article

Niagara County and Napoli Shkolnik in Opioid Fight

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Source: Lockport Union-Sun and Journal
Napoli Shkolnik PLLC will represent Niagara County in their opioid lawsuit against Big Pharma. “I would anticipate almost every, if not every, county in New York eventually joinging the lawsuit,” said Napoli Shkolnik attorney Joseph L. Ciaccio.Read the article

Toledo City Hires Napoli Shkolnik for Opioid Litigation

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Source: Toledo Blade
The Toledo City Council voted in favoring of hiring Napoli Shkolnik PLLC to represent them in an opioid lawsuit.Read the article