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Alachua County Joins Lawsuit Over Opioid Epidemic

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Source: WUFT5
Senior Associate Joseph L. Ciaccio said Alachua County’s legal action is a step in ending the opioid epidemic. “I think it would be very hard to find anywhere in Florida that hasn’t been severely affected by the flooding of opioid prescriptions,” he said. “Across the country, there is enough for basically every American to have…Read the article

Law360: Opioid MDL, Hunter Shkolnik’s Viewpoint

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Source: Law360
Hunter Shkolnik of Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, a member of the plaintiffs’ executive committee, said Judge Polster also appeared to be moved by a speaker — Armond Budish, the executive of Cuyahoga County, Ohio — who urged a reduction in opioid sales and more funding for addiction treatment. “I think the judge took these types of…Read the article

New York Cities Are Joining the Opioid Lawsuit

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Source: PressConnects
In New York, Suffolk was the first county to file suit. All other counties and cities filing have been ordered to coordinate their suits via a Suffolk County judge, said Joe Ciaccio, associate with Napoli Shkolnik, a New York-based law firm representing counties across the state and nation.Read the article

Prince George’s County: Opioid Manufacturers Created Crisis

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Source: The Washington Informer
“This case is about one thing: corporate greed,” the suit, filed by Napoli Shkolnik, said. “Defendants put their desire for profits above the health and well-being of Prince George’s County consumers at the cost of plaintiff.”Read the article

Prince George’s County Taking Opioid Industry to Court

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Source: WTOP Radio 103.5FM
The suit will be led by New York-based law firm Napoli Shkonik.Read the article

Prince George’s County Suing Opioid Manufacturers

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Source: The Diamondback
The county plans to go after Purdue Pharma in addition to other manufacturers and distributors, said Paul Napoli of Napoli Shkolnik, PLLC. He added that the county will look at tobacco litigation as a model for the lawsuit.Read the article

Prince George’s County Announces Opioid Lawsuit

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Source: Bowie Patch
Prince George’s County Chief Executive Rushern Baker, along with other local officials, has hired the firm of Napoli Shkolnik, PLLC, to serve as legal counsel, according to a county statement.Read the article

City of Broadview Heights Hires Napoli Shkolnik

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The Broadview Heights City Council has asked Napoli Shkolnik PLLC in New York City and a local Cleveland law firm to represent them in the opioid legal action.Read the article

Saratoga County Filed Opioid Lawsuit

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Source: The Daily Gazette
The county, which announced plans to pursue the lawsuit three months ago, chose New York City-based law firm Napoli Shkolnik PLLC as its legal representation.Read the article

Saratoga County Declares Opioids A ‘Public Nuisance’

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Source: Saratoga Today
This week’s resolution follows a separate action taken last October, when the supervisors agreed in a special meeting to join a lawsuit filed by the New York City law firm Napoli Shkolnik related to the widespread distribution of opioids in multiple states.Read the article