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NY COVID-19 Nursing Home Lawsuit Can Proceed

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Source: New York Law Journal
An Erie County judge on Monday allowed a lawsuit filed by the estate of a woman who died in a nursing home in the early weeks of New York’s COVID-19 crisis to move ahead with its claims against the nursing home, rejecting the facility’s effort to invoke the COVID-19 immunity provisions granted and later repealed…Read the article

Joe Ciaccio Quoted on Filed COVID-19 Nursing Home Lawsuit

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Source: Times Union
A woman whose mother died of COVID-19 after contracting the disease while residing in a nursing home run by St. Peter’s Health Partners is suing the health care network for negligence, medical malpractice and wrongful death in a case that may test the strength of a law enacted last year to shield medical and long-term…Read the article

Bloomberg Law: Coronavirus Vaccine, Adverse Reactions, Law

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Source: Bloomberg Law
Americans who suffer adverse reactions to coronavirus vaccines that the U.S. is racing to develop will have a hard time getting compensated for injuries from the drugs. After 9/11, Congress created the countermeasures program to speed compensation to people injured from drugs, vaccines, and devices developed in response to pandemics and national security events. the…Read the article

Marie Napoli Quoted by Courthouse News Service

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Source: CourtHouse News
New York Courts Reopen Months Into Lockdown With Rush of Lawsuits Other firms were well-positioned to handle things virtually. “Remote practice was not problematic for us but has been for many,” said Marie Napoli, co-founder of Napoli Shkolnik, a leading personal-injury firm where a surface scratch of their caseloads shows litigation on opioids, asbestos and…Read the article

Bloomberg Law: Matt Lavin on Delaying Mental Health Suits

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Source: Bloomberg
“I’ve had a lot of insurance companies trying to put the brakes indefinitely on cases using the ubiquitous ‘Covid’ excuse,” said Matt Lavin, a partner at Napoli Shkolnik PLLC who almost exclusively represents behavioral health patients and providers. In every single case he has pending, without exception, Lavin said insurance company lawyers have used the…Read the article

Law360 Interviews Hunter Shkolnik: Remote Workforce/COVID-19

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Source: Law360
Hunter J. Shkolnik of Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, one of the top plaintiffs attorneys representing local governments in litigation over the opioid epidemic, recently spoke with Law360 about working from home now that he’s off the road and the benefits of teleconferencing for attorneys.  Read the article