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Oxygen Quotes Craig Phemister on Racial Profiling Case

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Source: Oxygen
Ponsetto gained nationwide notoriety after video of her aggressively confronting 16-year-old Keyon Harrold Jr. at SoHo’s Arlo Hotel went viral. Ponsetto was indicted on second-degree unlawful imprisonment as a hate crime, according to an indictment obtained by Oxygen.com. She pleaded not guilty in June. “Keyon, Jr. and his family deserve more than an apology after…Read the article

OK Magazine: Marie Napoli and Charity Carson on Dr. Oz

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Source: OK Magazine
Porn star Ron Jeremy faces life in prison for 35 sexual assault charges, and his pal of 25 years, Charity Carson, revealed why she decided to come forward after Jeremy sexually assaulted her at a Los Angeles hotel earlier this year. “This is a way of putting the record straight and say, no, you can’t do that to me. I’m very…Read the article

Variety Reports on Ron Jeremy Sexual Assault Case

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Source: Variety
Marie Napoli represents Charity Carson who filed a complaint in LA County Superior Court alleging that adult film star Ron Jeremy sexually assaulted her in a bathroom. DownloadRead the article

St. Louis Business Journal Quotes Schnieders on Roundup Suit

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Source: St. Louis Business Journal
The $10.9 billion payout Bayer has offered to settle most Roundup cancer lawsuits may be in jeopardy after a judge said he fears “shenanigans” by the German pharmaceuticals company. The judge said he will decide in a month whether to keep the litigation on hold for more settlement talks or let more trials proceed. “We’ve…Read the article

Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Bayer to stop Roundup Sales

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Source: St. Louis Business Journal
Black farmers have filed a federal lawsuit against Bayer in an effort to stop the sale of Roundup, the weed killer it inherited with its $63 billion purchase of St. Louis-based Monsanto Co. in 2018. “The cycle can only be broken by removing the product from the market,” said Chris Schnieders, a partner in the Kansas…Read the article

Rolling Stone Quotes Marie Napoli on Sexual Assault Case

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Source: Rolling Stone
Porn star Ron Jeremy has been charged with sexually assaulting four women on four separate occasions dating back to 2014, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office announced. “Our statement is short. ‘No, means no.’ That is all I am willing to say at this point,” Marie Napoli, the attorney for one of the alleged victims, tells Rolling Stone.Read the article

CBS4 Settles Gender Discrimination Suit

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Source: Miami Herald
Former CBS4 investigative reporter Michele Gillen sued the station in federal court, accusing her ex-colleagues of age and gender discrimination. Gillen, the award-wining journalist whose contract was not renwed in 2016, said she was bullied and harassed. The case was set to go to trial this week, but the parties reached a confidential settlement agreement,…Read the article

Marie Napoli on Banning Cashless Businesses in NY

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Source: citylab
Recently, New York City Councilmember Ritchie Torres introduced legislation that would prohibit retail establishments from refusing to accept payments in cash. But the resulting exclusion of New Yorkers of color and the undocumented, based on their lack of a bank account, still counts as discrimination, according to Marie Napoli, a lawyer and civil rights advocate. However, Napoli…Read the article

Hill Harper Backs John Ramsey’s Exoneration Motion

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Source: New York Daily News
An actor known for his roles on “CSI-NY” and “The Good Doctor” threw his support Friday behind a man who spent 33 years in prison for a murder he says he didn’t commit and is trying to overturn his conviction in the face of new evidence. Hill Harper, 52, appeared at a press conference for…Read the article

Hill Harper Speaks in Support of John Ramsey

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Source: The Grio
John Ramsey, who served 33 years in prison for a crime he says he didn’t commit, filed a motion based on recently discovered documentation pointing to his innocence. At the center of the case is the fact that authorities repeatedly ignored Ramsey’s requests for a report detailing the arrests of two men who fit the…Read the article