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Valturna Lawsuit Information

In 2012, Novartis, a large pharmaceutical company, made the decision to voluntarily recall one if its drugs, Valturna. Made with two medications, aliskiren and valsartan, Valturna is a type of prescription medication used to treat high blood pressure. Originally approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration is 2009, Valturna has been linked with an increased risk of certain dangerous—and even deadly—health consequences.


Studies Point to Increased Risk of Health Complication When Taking Valturna

When Valturna was tested for its safety and effectiveness by an independent commission (after Valturna had already been put on the market), the study shed light on evidence that taking Valturna significantly increased a patient’s risk of:

  • Stroke;
  • Renal complications;
  • Hyperkalemia; and
  • Low blood pressure.

According to the study and an April 2012 safety communication published by the FDA, the primary cause of the complications listed above is the ingredient aliskiren. Taking aliskiren can increase a patient’s risk of death.


Valturna Lawsuits

While Novartis voluntarily recalled Valturna, lawsuits pending against the company assert that Novartis should have conducted more thorough safety tests on the drug on its own prior to the drug’s release, and that its failure to do so was an act of negligence. Had Novartis more thoroughly tested the drug, undue patient harm could have—and would have—been avoided.


Compensation for Harm Caused by Valturna

Patients who suffered harm, or the family members of those who lost a loved one, due to taking Valturna are urged to seek compensation for their losses. Types of compensation that a victim may recover include damages for all pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other noneconomic and economic losses.


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