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Hepatitis C Drug Complications

Fairly new direct-acting antivirals such as Harvoni and Sovaldi have become an increasingly popular way to treat chronic hepatitis C. Unfortunately these and other "Hep-C" drugs may cause liver cancer to return and hepatitis B reactivation.

In response to receiving reports that patients who were treated with these medicines were at a higher risk of their cancer coming back sooner than patients with hepatitis C who were not treated with direct-acting antivirals, a committee at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) increased the scope of the study to assess the risk of liver cancer with these drugs too. The reports further suggested that there was hepatitis B reactivation in patients who had been infected by both the hepatitis B and C viruses, but their hepatitis B infection had been inactive until they began treatment with the direct-acting antivirals.

Currently the following implicated direct-acting antivirals are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA):

  • Harvoni;
  • Sovaldi;
  • Daklinza;
  • Olysio;
  • Technivie; and
  • Viekirax Pak (which is a 'combo-product' of Viekirax and Exviera).

In fact, the FDA put out a specific warning regarding serious liver injury risk with several of these products.

If you have been taking any of these medications and are experiencing signs of liver injury or hepatitis B reactivation, we strongly urge you to visit a health care professional  IT is also important for you to speak with a knowledgeable pharmaceutical litigation attorney. Contact us for a free, confidential and no obligation case review.