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The complaint was filed on behalf of two New York UBER drivers against UBER Technologies Inc. and Raiser, LLC (collectively “UBER”) alleging UBER withheld tips earned by the drivers and incorrectly classified the drivers as independent contractors to avoid reimbursing drivers for costs associated with driving for UBER.

The complaint also alleges that UBER incorrectly classified drivers as independent contractors instead of employees. The classification as independent contractors forced UBER drivers to use their own money to pay for their cars, gas, insurance and repairs. “Employers must reimburse work-related expenses paid by employees – by classifying drivers as independent contractors, UBER violated New York law by failing to reimburse UBER drivers for their expenses,” Ms. Napoli added.

The law firms Napoli Law PLLC and Imbesi Law P.C. are jointly representing the New York plaintiffs. The firms have been contacted by thousands of UBER drivers and plan to represent over 100,000 UBER drivers nationally, according to Vincent Imbesi, a partner of Imbesi Law P.C. “Some drivers may be excluded from the class actions our firms will file in other States, but we will file as many individual arbitration claims necessary to recover money rightfully owed to individuals who drove for UBER,” Mr. Imbesi added.

“Our firms’ attorneys have the financial ability to file 100,000 arbitrations if necessary and our previous record evidences our ability to represent thousands of individuals at one time and recover hundreds of millions of dollars for victims arising out of a single event,” Mr. Imbesi commented.

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