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History of hair dyes

Hair dyes are used by many millions of American men and women, and among all age ranges and social demographics. Hair dye is used for a number of reasons. Among those with greying hair, dyeing can remove years from their physical appearance and boost self-confidence. Teenagers desperate to test with different colors and radical new looks frequently use hair dye to achieve this purpose. The main problem with curly hair dye is the truth that the most popular dyes contain various harmful chemicals, especially Paraphenylenediamine (PPD). Chemicals such as PPD may cause allergic reactions, which usually range widely in their severity. PPD is actually banned in several European countries. They may be popular because PPD-based dyes are commonly believed to achieve the most natural effect, and for the reason that color stays in the hair longer than with alternative dyes.

Just for Men lawsuit

While there are numerous anti-aging treatments on the market today, Just for Men® hair dyes has been catching the consumers attention lately. Since 1987 Combe Incorporated has been selling the Just for Men® line of products, marketed by celebrities. The product claims to enhance the way men feel by having younger looking hair.

The number one cause of injuries coming from hair dyeing procedures is usually salons failing to conduct skin patch tests on new customers 24-48 several hours before a treatment is usually due to be performed. This test is targeted at identifying possible allergic reactions to chemicals contained in hair dye, by making use of a tiny amount from the color solution to a customer's skin and monitoring the end result. Serious allergic reactions to hair dye are often categorized medically as dermatitis. This implies that presently there is a likelihood of systemic problems affecting the entire body, as well as localized irritation and skin harm. One complicating factor is usually that folks can become 'cross-sensitized' to chemicals found in hair dyes from external chemicals (black Henna tattoos being one example). Once sensitized by a chemical including PPD, a person might also suffer allergic reactions to other substances, including chemical dyes contained in foods and particular local anesthetics. This is known as 'cross-reactivity'.

Since the Just for Men recall, it is difficult to estimate how many men experience allergic reactions to hair dye every year, for the reason that majority usually do not seek medical attention. Symptoms of a mild response include a localized allergy developing, but one which usually usually clears up inside hours or days. With a more severe reaction a rash may spread throughout the face and/or head, and irritation of the skin will steadily get worse. Hives and blisters might form, and a burning sensation will become felt across afflicted areas. It is common for the face and particularly the eyelids to swell up, and in some cases the eyes may close completely. These symptoms might be accompanied simply by nausea, and when the scalp is afflicted, hair may begin to fall out. In rare cases a person may experience respiratory system problems brought on by swelling of the tongue and constriction of the airways. In such circumstances emergency hospital attention will be required.

Apart from the psychological distress brought on by injuries of this kind, they might also be physically disfiguring, possibly due to non permanent or long lasting baldness, or skin damage to the face or head. An injured person might require costly corrective surgical treatment, and may need to consider a prolonged time away work due to the humiliation caused by their physical appearance. All such financial and emotional considerations are taken into account when determining compensation awards for allergic reactions to hair color treatments, and also the physical discomfort and suffering caused.


Skin Reactions Caused by Harsh Chemicals

Some of the side effects in using Just For Men®, a popular men’s hair coloring product, may cause serious allergic skin reactions including:

  • Severe Itching;
  • Rashes;
  • Swelling;
  • Chemical Burns;
  • Blisters; and  Sores


What to do if you were harmed

The American Contact Dermatitis Society named PPD Allergen of the Year in 2006 in an effort to bring attention to the risks that the chemical poses to consumers, especially the possibility of severe skin reactions after exposure to the chemical in hair dyes. These reactions are especially serious in people who use darker colors of dye, which could expose them to higher levels of PPD.

Did you suffer a Just for Men chemical burn? A growing number of internet reports indicate that the popular men’s hair dye may be causing severe chemical burns in some users.

These skin injuries can be very painful and could lead to permanent scarring even in those who have been using the product for years. If you or a loved one have been harmed by Just For Men while using the product in your hair, beard or mustache, you may be entitled to compensation.

One of the main ingredients in Just For Men is a chemical called p-Phenylenediamine (PPD), whose use has been banned in several countries. In addition to containing irritating chemicals, Just For Men also lacks procedures which can reliably test for reactions on delicate facial skin prior to use. While the dye’s instructions call for testing on the arm skin to check for allergies, the skin on the face is much more sensitive. Men who show no reaction to the dye on their arm may have a completely different reaction to Just For Men mustache or beard dye on their face. To meet with the experienced class action attorneys at Napoli Shkolnik, PLLC as soon as possible, call us today at 212-397-1000.