Xinfang Zhang

Community Marketing Liaison

Languages Spoken

English, Chinese (Mandarin)



My name is Xinfang Zhang and I am a community marketing liaison at Napoli Shkolnik PLLC. My

primary objective is to be a legal resource to the Chinese community.

Previously, I have worked as an office manager in the legal industry and the health care marketing field. My passion for helping others is influenced by the education I received at a Quaker School. Quaker beliefs emphasize assisting others and improving justice in our society.

As an immigrant from China, I hear and understand the voices that go unheard in the Chinese community. Therefore, I have the ability and knowledge to help those in need of our legal services.

I am ready to help and I am fluent in Mandarin.

你好,我是张馨方,我在Napoli Shkolnik PLLC 市场部工作。我的主要目标是为华人社区提供法律帮助。



如果您需要任何法律帮助,请联系我, 我讲国语。








Chinese Planning Council’s Annual Lunar New Year Celebration 2020





Sino-America Business Association Gala

NS ZAD Open House on Singtao

NS ZAD Open House on Singtao

Singtao covers the firm’s recent Zadroga Open House held in Chinatown.







Happy to be part of Good Health Day in Manhattan Chinatown!  We provided information on the firm’s legal services, including personal injury, World Trade Center/ Zadroga claims, medical malpractice and more.

We continue to support and provide services to the Chinese community.

很高兴成为王嘉廉社区医疗中心健康日的一部分! 为华人社区提供法律咨询服务, 包括意外伤害, 世贸大厦受害者赔偿申请, 医疗误诊等。 我们会继续支持华人社区 为华人社区提供服务!

Napoli Shkolnik PLLC featured in Singtao Daily for 9/11 Event

Singtao Daily News covered the firm’s recent Zadroga Open house.





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  • Education

    Earlham College, B.A.

  • Other Experience

    Office Manager, Immigration Law firm

    Marketing Manager, Health Care Agency