New York, NY, June 3, 2017 – New York State Trial Lawyers Assoc consists of a President and its board of directors. Distinguished personal attorney, Marie Napoli, has been inducted into the prestigious role of a Board Director. Due to her outstanding career achievements, Marie Napoli can now participate in NYSTLA to work with other plaintiffs and continue her life goal to protect the innocent from wrongdoings. Marie Napoli has over twenty years of experience handling personal injurymedical malpractice, mass tort, and pharmaceutical litigation.

Over 60 years ago, 20 trial attorneys, who were worried that NYC had no forum for plaintiffs’ attorneys, joined together to create an organization. This team, including the best attorneys in the industry, started to assemble in each other’s homes to talk about the growing demands in the legal industry. In 1953, they created the New York Organization of Complainant’s Trial Attorneys, as well as in the 1960’s, a one-room office started and employed a single staff member.Attorney Marie Napoli

NYSTLA’s function to protect and improve New York’s civil rights system continues to be crucial over the past six decades. A surge of legal projects in Albany has frequently threatened this method using the aim of restricting the rights of customers that were injured. These risks today exist at the national level as well as in NYC at the same time.

NYSTLA functions and works together with coalition partners on problems that are formed to shelter the privileges of buyers: health promoters, tenants’ teams, seniors groups, zero-firearm assault teams, and a number of additional public-interest companies. NYSTLA also operates directly with victims of wrongdoing to assist them to understand their privileges as well as the way they could be said. Through, the website, lawyers, and customers may compose forward discussions with their reps in Congress, in Albany, as well as in NYC to express their views on the pressing civil justice issues of the day.

NYSTLA’s business is to assure that the wrongfully injured will have full access to the civil justice system. The firm is therefore focused on the upkeep of the condition and national make-up rights to trial by court. NYSTLA additionally facilitates insurance that is accessible to boot. When required, NYSTLA operates at the national level to ensure that our customers’ privileges aren’t tied to Congress. Also, NYSTLA doesn’t be unwilling to make use of the courts to urge for buyers.

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