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Attorney Marie Napoli is often featured on prime time stations as she has achieved some of the highest awards in the nation. Marie's success is not without hard work. She works her cases, then travels to TV stations to consult on the trending topics. While Marie Napoli works with everyone, she knows first hand about the breadth of the legal issues that affect women injured by pharmaceutical drugs and equipment. Along with being a prestigious personal injury attorney specializing in pharmaceutical litigation and medical malpractice litigation, Marie is a breast cancer survivor and philanthropist. She channels her passion to create awareness and fund research through organizations and events such as The Bone Marrow Foundation, Inc., the Long Island Half Marathon, and the New York City Marathon.

She is an active speaker on a variety of legal issues and has appeared on networks and shows such as Fox Business News, CNN, CBS News, ABC News, PrimeTime Justice, and LawNewz Network.


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