Dump Truck Accidents, Everything You Need to Know About Them

dump truck accident with a car

dump truck accident with a car

Every year in the United States about 500,000 commercial truck accidents happen. Of those, about 5,000 are fatal. That comes as no surprise: the sheer size and weight of trucks make them much more dangerous on the road.


What are the most common dump truck accidents?

They include:

  • Collisions caused by poor visibility
  • Tipping due to overloading
  • Tipping due to uneven roads
  • Flying debris


How common are dump truck accidents?

Minor dump truck accidents are extremely common. Most people have gotten a rock on their windshield from a dump truck headed to a road construction site.


Crashes causing serious injury are less common, but the National Safety Council reports that they’ve increased by 10% since 2019. Over 5,000 dump truck accidents, a year result in serious injury or death.


What are the leading causes of dump truck accidents?

Leading causes of crashes follow the same thread: driver error.  The two main causes of this error are 1) inexperienced drivers and 2) drivers who are tired or overworked.


Labor shortages and high demand created by numerous factors have put more pressure on truck drivers across the spectrum. This has resulted in new hires of less-experienced drivers and existing drivers being asked to work extra shifts. 


Putting an exhausted or inexperienced person behind the wheel of a dump truck, semi-truck, or garbage truck is a recipe for disaster. When a truck crash happens, it’s really no surprise.


What about flying debris or overloaded cargo?

Many dump truck accidents involve debris flying out of the back of the truck. When this happens, the damage is usually minimal—scratches or dents from a rock from road construction, or household trash from a garbage truck. In some cases, flying debris can be lethal.


How can a lawyer help?

If you’re involved in an accident involving any kind of truck, a truck accident attorney can help. Truckers are required to carry significant insurance policies. That’s because the weight of their vehicles can cause so much damage. However, with the high risk of those policies, the insurance companies tend to fight to avoid paying out benefits.


For accidents involving big rigs, a semi-truck accident lawyer will be able to discover the information you can’t on your own. That could include, but is not limited to, mechanical detail of the truck, inspection reports, etc. Having this information could support a higher level of compensation.


What is the average settlement for a truck accident?

The average settlement for a semi-truck accident is around $150,000. For dump truck accidents, the average claim is much lower because most of these accidents involve minor damages. Every case is different, and payouts are based on the actual harm caused by the accident.


For what injuries can I file a truck accident suit?

If you’ve been in an accident involving a commercial truck, you can claim:

  • Medical expenses
  • Vehicle damage
  • Missed wages
  • Pain and suffering damages


Our experienced personal injury attorneys can guide you through the process of filing a claim, and we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact Napoli Shkolnik today for a free consultation.