NY Attorney Fails Aurora, CO Shooting Survivors

Excerpt from the Los Angeles Times article, “Aurora massacre survivors sued. How did 4 end up owing the theater $700,000?” by Nigel Duara

“I strongly think that this guy was trying to make a name for himself and he wanted to get ahead of the curve,” Weaver said. “You’ve got this guy from New York representing people in Colorado who were probably misguided, to be honest.”

The case put forward in state court was so weak, the federal plaintiffs felt, that a rumor circulated among them that the case was a setup by Cinemark designed to fail.

It was the biggest smack in the face.— Marcus Weaver, Aurora theater shooting survivor

“That’s ridiculous,” said Marc Bern, the attorney who argued the state case and is known for representing rescue workers from the Sept. 11 attacks. “We had all the resources possible. The only expert we needed was a security expert.”