Lawsuit Filed Against AgustaWestland for Defective Parts

Close-up of helicopter spinning helicopter blades

Today, Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, on behalf of its clients, filed suit against AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corp. in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California. AgustaWestland is the North American distributor of Agusta A1091A and A109A MK II helicopters. These helicopters were identified last year by the FAA as being defective. As the Complaint notes, “[b]ecause of the tiny interior cracks that may develop with the Aircraft’s blades, the FAA requires owners to engage in a four-hour inspection process prior to using the Aircraft. This effectively renders the Aircraft unusable. Nor is the defect remedied by blade replacement because all available replacement blades would suffer from a similar defect and require the same onerous inspection process after 500 hours of use.”

According to the Complaint, AgustaWestland deceived purchasers by knowingly  failing to disclose this defect when the helicopters were first sold and, even after the FAA’s warning, failed to do anything to compensate owners in any way. The complaint alleges claims under California consumer fraud and warranty laws, as well as common law fraud claims. Napoli Shkolnik will be filing additional lawsuits on behalf of owners in other states.

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