Marie Interviewed by NTD About 9/11 Compensation

Marie Napoli was recently interviewed by the Chinese TV station, NTD, regarding 9/11 Compensation. Marie discussed the expansion of the Zadroga Act, deadlines and eligibility guidelines.

Marie and her husband Paul Napoli have an extensive and close history with 9/11 litigation, the Zadroga act, and the World Trade Center Victim’s Compensation Fund.

In the September 11th terrorist attacks in 2001, many residents and rescue workers in lower Manhattan found health problems such as difficulty breathing and depression. The government introduced the Health Compensation Act and established the Victim Compensation Fund. Ten years later, the bill was postponed and then re-authorized.

Lawyer Marie Napoli states: “In 2011, President Obama reopened the fund and refinanced the funds, adding some types of injuries that were not available before. Now, the time limit for applying for compensation is only one year.”

Watch the full interview here.