Harmful levels of toxic chemicals in Bethpage yard soil

Attention Bethpage residents and property owners – Recent tests reveal potentially harmful levels of toxic chemical in soil of yards of Bethpage residents.

Napoli Shkolnik PLLC has been retained by many Bethpage residents who were potentially exposed to harmful chemicals resulting from the disposal of toxic waste. You may have a property damage or potential personal injury claim.

The Bureau of Environmental Exposure Investigation warns that residents can have increased “amounts of PCBs in their body.”   It also advises residents to (1) minimize exposure with contaminated soil in yards, and (2) rinse off “children’s toys that may have soil on them.”

Recent court documents revealed that certain areas of Bethpage, including the Bethpage Community Park, were used as toxic waste cooling and dumping grounds.

Soil tests conducted in 2014 and 2015 have confirmed the presence of various chemicals in the yards of Bethpage homes located near the Bethpage Community Park. To determine your rights with respect to these exposures and contamination, visit www.BethpageLawyers.com. Our law firms do not charge a legal fee unless you receive compensation.

There is a strict time limitation for filing an action for both property damage and personal injury claims. You may lose your opportunity to file or receive compensation if you fail to timely respond.   If you have lived in or own a home in Bethpage, protect your family and your rights.